About Me

My name is Paul, and well, as the title of my blog states, I am a rookie racer.  My entire life, I could not bare the thought of running, cringed at the thought of running, loathed the thought of running...I think you get the picture here.  Well, in a span of six months, I ran my first 5k, first 10k, first half marathon, first sprint triathlon, first olympic triathlon, second 5k, second half marathon, and second sprint triathlon.  For a guy who hated running as much as I thought I did, I loved racing.  I have always thought of myself as a competitor, but training for and competing in races really brought out that aspect of my personality.  I love that even though I may not win a race, I am still competing against myself to do better than I did in a previous race, and to continue getting better and stronger.

My goal in writing this blog is to inspire.  Inspire both myself and anyone who may find themselves reading this blog.  I hope you enjoy!